Tips for passing the AWS exam

18-06-2018 อ่าน 11,456

Here are some additional steps that I took to pass the AWS Security Specialty Exam:

  • Training Investing in training will help you to understand AWS security concepts. I found A SPOTO to be one of the most effective trainings, but you can find many others on Udemy or even YouTube. . AWS offers a free course that covers the basics of the exam. It is highly recommended for a refresher.
  • Practise! Practice tests will help you prepare for the AWS exam. No amount of study can make you prepared. The SPOTO course and Udemy have good practice exams, but I recommend the WhizLabs test as it is the most similar to the real exam.
  • AWS AWS White-papers AWS has some incredible whitepapers that go into great detail regarding security best practices and AWS security services. They are not compulsory but it is recommended that you read them once before your exam.
  • AWS Labs. Lastly, AWS offers some excellent labs that are based on the well-architected framework. I recommend everyone to go through them once because they gradually build up your hand-on experience. These labs are a great complement to any training you may take. They range from Foundational to Advanced.